Waste to fertilizer machine

In our daily life, there are many waste abandoned by us. Waste has become a serious problem in the world. Maybe you can say that these wastes are useless and we should throw it away. But you can imagine a picture like this: waste piles up like a mountain on the ground, where flies and mosquitoes fly over it. Do you want to see this kind of picture like this? You can’t deny the fact that this problem is as serious as air pollution. Because it will also do harm to our environment and body.

Now more and more people have realized this problem, we’d better try to solve the problem. But how can we deal with it? To be honest, there is a good way can eliminate the problem. We can use waste to fertilizer machine to convert your waste into organic fertilizer, this is a good way to turn waste into treasure. If you can do this, you will earn much money from it.

Waste to fertilizer fermentation pot
Waste to fertilizer fermentation pot


Waste to fertilizer feremntation pot

  • Heating power(kw): 4×6
  • Stirring power(kw): 11
  • Reducer model: BLED85-493-11
  • Stirring speed(r/min): 3
  • Overall size: 2400×2400×6900


The large compost making machine turns waste into fertilizer

We know some people want to find the large waste to fertilizer machine for their large scale waste fertilizer plant. In SEEC, we have a kind of waste to fertilizer machine. That is wheel type compost turner. Our waste wheel type compost making machine is the patent product of our company. It is suitable for the fermentation with large span and high depth of livestock manure, sludge and garbage, filter mud from sugar mill, worse slag cake and straw sawdust and other organic waste. Of course, the organic waste includes waste. In addition, our waste wheel type compost turn has the character of high degree of automation. Thus, you don’t need too much worker in your waste production line.

Groove type compost turner for your large scale fertilizer plant
Groove type compost turner for your large scale fertilizer plant

How to make organic fertilizer from the waste?

First you should collect the waste and other organic waste in a place. However, do not include grease, oils, fatty meats, and milk products in your composting materials since they will make your compost pile a wet mess and produce an annoying odor. Put these items on a well-drained, level, and open area and sprinkle some wood ash to boost the composting process.

If there are some poultry poop or livestock manure around you, you can collect them and add them to the compost. Animal dung can be used as good fertilizers for applying to crops.

Next you can enter the important part of the process-fermentation. There are two different kinds of fermentation way to make compost fertilizer. The first way is the traditional way, you just need put the waste and other organic waste into a place and turn over the organic waste regularly. But it will take you almost 60 days. The second way is to use SEEC waste to fertilizer machine to deal with it. Our waste to fertilizer machine -organic fertilizer crawler type compost turner will accelerate fermentation process. It will only take you 15-20 days in this way and will reduce the cost of labor.

SEEC groove type organic manure compost machine
SEEC groove type organic manure compost machine

The whole process of making organic fertilizer from waste

Now we will provide you details about how to make organic fertilizer by using waste to fertilizer machine.

Before you compost waste, the material should be dehydrated. The solid-liquid separator machine will help you to do this job.

As mentioned above, the waste should put in a place. And using our waste compost turner to help you ferment the raw material.

After fermentation, there will be some block solid left behind. Therefore, you should use SEEC hammer crusher can help you to crush the raw material.

When you finish these processes, you will get the organic fertilizer made by waste.

SEEC chain plate type compost turner for hadling waste
SEEC chain plate type compost turner for hadling waste

SEEC selling machine that turns waste into fertilizer

As mentioned above, we know how to make fertilizer from kitchen waste quickly. That is to use crawler type compost turner to make it. And SEEC is selling this waste to fertilizer machine for your need.

Crawler type compost turner for sale

The waste crawler type compost making machine belongs to the ground pile fermentation mode, which is the most economical mode of saving soil and human resources at present. If you want to make waste organic fertilizer, the material needs to be piled up into a stack in advance. Then the material is stirred and crushed at regular intervals by the turning machine. And the decomposition of organic matter will be under aerobic conditions.

In addition, this waste to fertilizer machine also has a crushing function, which greatly saves time and labor force, making the production efficiency. And the quality of organic fertilizer has improved significantly. When the turning machine works, the sludge, sticky chicken manure, waste and other materials can be well stirred with the fungus and straw powder, creating a better aerobic environment for the fermentation of materials. It not only ferments faster than deep groove type, but also effectively prevents the production of harmful and odorous gases such as hydrogen sulfide, amine gas and indole during fermentation, which is in line with environment production requirements.

Waste crawler type composting machine
Waste crawler type composting machine

Waste fertilizer crawler type composting machine for sale

  • Model: SEECLDF-2600(can be customized)
  • Durning width(mm): 2600
  • Durning height(mm): 1100-1300
  • Row spacing(mm): 800-1000
  • Working speed(m/min): 6-10
  • Capacity (m³/h): 1000-1200

The main technology of turning waste into organic fertilizer

As the mentioned above, we know that agriculture waste and animal poop waste has low resource utilization rate and pollutes the environment. Some developed countries have established complete waste disposal system nowadays. That is composting system.

Here are the fertilizer making technology


Water is the basic component of the organic waste, and most organic raw material has 60%-90% moisture content. Therefore, dehydration has become the most important part during the process of turning organic waste into organic fertilizer. Solid-liquid separator should be used in this process. After the process of dehydrating, the moisture content will drop to 40%-60%. This is the ideal for composting.


As we all know, if you want to get the organic fertilizer that can be putted into farmland directly, you have to use waste fertilizer compost turner. There are many pathogens existed in the organic waste raw material. These pathogens should be treated better, because unfermented fertilizer will harm for your crops and plants. SEEC windrow turner can help you get fermented organic fertilizer.

Simple comosting process for your fertilizer making
Simple comosting process for your fertilizer making

How to make compost from kitchen waste at home?

We know there are some people don’t have too much waste to ferment. And they want to know how to make organic manure from kitchen waste. We have another way to help you, you can make a compost bin by yourself. Here are the processes to make a compost bin.

  • First set up your bin or pile. Choose an outdoor space for your compost.
  • Next collect scraps. Next, collect waste from your kitchen and garden.
  • Then over the next few weeks, you’ll see your waste scraps turn into soil.
  • At last, use your new soil. Your compost is ready when it looks and smells like soil!
Organic waste compost turner
Organic waste compost turner

How many kinds of waste can be made into organic fertilizer?

  • Animal poop. As we all know, animal poop is the waste that is hard to deal with. Because that can produce a bad smell. Thus, most of livestock farmers choose throw them away. However, animal dung is a good organic fertilizer raw material, which contains many benefits elements, such as, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. Thus, animal poop as a good organic waste, you can convert it into organic fertilizer by using waste to fertilizer machine.
  • Agriculture waste. If you have a farm, there is no doubt that a lot of plant straw will be left behind. But these straws can be mixed with animal poop. And after the process of fermenting, the fermented fertilizer can be putted into farmland. In addition, this kind of fertilizer can increase the amount of potassium in the soil and reduce the amount of nitrogen in the soil, that will make the crops taste better and have fewer bugs. With the help of waste to fertilizer machine, you can get this organic fertilizer.
  • Marine algae. With over 30 years’ organic fertilizer machinery production experience, we met many different customers. And some of them from area near the sea. So, they want to handle the marine algae well. To be honest, material algae also is a kind of organic fertilizer raw material. And most of seaweed can be used as a good organic fertilizer in farmland. Therefore, you also can use a waste to fertilizer machine to make organic fertilizer.

As mentioned above, you can know that various organic waste can be made orgnaic fertilizer. So, if you have organic waste and want to get organic fertilizer, you can contact us for knowing the information of organic fertilizer making machine.

Organic compost fertilizer making machine
Organic compost fertilizer making machine

Why can waste be turned into fertilizer?

Generally speaking,if you want to start this organic fertilizer business, you should know the good composition of the waste. From the chemical composition, there are carbohydrates, cellulose, protein, oil and inorganic salts, of which organic components is main parts. In the meantime, it contains a certain amount of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and other trace elements. The content of each component in the waste (dry matter): crude protein accounted for 15% to 23%, fat 17% to 24%, ash 3% to 6%, Ca element 54%, P element 43% and Na Cl 3% to 4%. Due to these beneficial compositions, waste can be the good organic fertilizer for crops and plants.

What are the advantages of using a waste to fertilizer machine to turn waste into fertilizer?

Reduces Your Lands waste

Composting waste and yard waste from the landfill instead of throwing them away brings you nutritive soil. Twenty-four percent of the municipal solid waste stream is comprised of waste and yard trimmings. Inside the composter, this waste is broken down.

Creates Rich Soil

Composting creates soil in organic matter that can be used in your yard and garden. The soil helps retain nutrients, moisture and air for the betterment of plants, and suppresses Plant Diseases and Pests.

Research shows that soil treated with compost tends to produce plants with fewer pest problems. Plants are like people; healthy plants develop the ability to fight off illness. Compost gives plants the nutrients and beneficial microbes they need to fight off disease. Compost also helps to control diseases and insects that might otherwise overrun regular soil.

Notes: In SEEC fertilizer machinery, we can’t deal with food waste and city’s waste. Because there are many useless materials in the food waste and city’s garbage.

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