Compost Production

In nowadays compost production became more and more important, because the soil degradation and some serious environment problems. And more and more people realize this kind of problem, so it has great business opportunity for organic compost production. Many people feel confuse that how to produce high-quality compost. Next we will tell you learn some useful information what you want to know.

poultry manure compost production with crawler type compost turner
poultry manure compost production with crawler type compost turner

Nine steps to make organic compost

Do you know how many steps it will take to make compost? We have to use compost production machine. Here are the compost fertilizer making process.

  • The first step you should use the solid-liquid separator machine to dehydrate the raw material. Before you use the raw material, you should go through a process of dehydration that you can enter the next step.
  • Next we should use the groove type compost turner. This process is important in the compost fertilizer production. The raw material that can be handled with organic fertilizer turning machine is very extensive. we can use compost turner to deal with most of the livestock poop and poultry dung. Such as chicken poop, pig dung, cow manure. Raw materials need to be fermented and to meet the standards of harmless treatment, so as to further produce commercial organic fertilizer.
  • Then we should use the new type vertical crusher. The purpose of the new type vertical crusher is to crush the material. Maybe the raw material has some blocky solid, so it needs to be crushed. Only the material is crushed into powder can it be effectively made into pellet and then bagged. And if the material does not pass through the organic fertilizer crusher to crush, it cannot to enter the next step of operation.
  • The fourth step is mix the material with horizontal mixer. The purpose of the mix machine is to mix straw and other organic matter evenly.

Another impostant part in compost fertilizer production

  • Next step is granulation, this process also is the important step in the compost production. And of course, we should use rotary drum churning granulator to achieve granulation. If you want your compost manure more beautiful and easier to sell. It’s necessary to use this kind of organic fertilizer pellet machine.
  • Drying. The rotary drum drying machine is dry the wet particles.
  • Screening. The rotary screen machine is used to screen out unqualified particles and then granulate them again.
  • Coating machine. The last step is pack the granulate with the rotary coating machine.

With these eight fertilizer making processes, your compost production will be faster.

How to make the best compost?

Maybe Some are probably asking, “How to make the best compost during the compost production”. If you want to make the best compost, you have to use the best compost making machine. Only the best organic compost can avoid nutrient loss. In addition, it must have the high-efficiency and high-quality. SEEC has the best compost equipment what you need. Whether it is an organic fertilizer compost turner or organic manure fertilizer granulator. SEEC can fit all your needs.

Groove type organic manure compost machine
Groove type organic manure compost machine

The best way of turning poultry manure into money.

As mentioned above, we said the methods of preparing compost manure. If you follow the compost making methods, you can get the high-quality compost. And you can earn more money from the compost. because you can find many beneficial microorganisms in the poultry manure compost. The microorganisms involved in composting will help crops and plants grow well. With the benefits of the compost, many farmers and gardeners will buy the compost from you. There is no doubt that you will earn more money from it. In addition, if you want to provide some powdery compost fertilizers for your customers, SEEC can also meet your needs. For making powdery compost, you only need to make the fermented fertilizer into powder by using new type vertical crusher.

New type vertical crusher
New type vertical crusher

The importance of compost in agriculture and horticultural

Compost fertilizer has a buffering effect. When there is compost in the soil, even if apply too much or too little fertilizer, the crop is not easy to be damaged. Its effects can be mitigated even if meteorological conditions deteriorate. For example, if there is insufficient water, compost fertilizer can prevent plants from wilting.

Compost is a slow-release fertilizer. It’s different from nitrogen in fertilizers, such as ammonium sulfide and urea. Almost nitrogen fertilizers what exit in organic compost is the form of protein nitrogen. When the organic compost apply to the fields, the protein is broken into ammonia by microorganisms. This process works slowly and persistently and do not harm crops.

Compost fertilizer has the role of regulating plant growth, but also contribute to the development and growth of the root system.

As mentioned above, the compost production is necessary to our land.

Movable Type compost production machine
Movable Type compost production machine

Want to find trust-worthy compost machine manufacturers for your quality compost production, SEEC is the best?

If you want to make organic compost. In addition to knowing about the machine to make compost, you also have to find the compost production machine manufacturer. So how can you find the best manufacturer? To be honest, there are many manufacturers in the world. You have to distinguish it carefully. SEEC heavy industry technology has the professional team to product the compost making machine. And SEEC has over 30 years of production experience. Our company has established a high-quality compost equipment professional team composed of experts, professors, senior engineers and other technical personnel. At the same time, the company maintains the long and extensive cooperation with many research institutes and universities. We also employ a number of exports and professors with rich experience in fertilizer equipment to advise our company.

Organic fertilizer turning machine
Organic fertilizer turning machine

Organic fertilizer turning machine for sale

  • Model: SEECLDF-2600(can be customized)
  • Durning width(mm): 2600
  • Durning height(mm): 1100-1300
  • Row spacing(mm): 800-1000
  • Working speed(m/min): 6-10
  • Capacity (m³/h): 1000-1200


What material can be used to make compost?

To be honest, there are many materials that can make organic compost. Animal poop is the most familiar material for many people. Except that, we can use vegetable waste to make compost. And all the livestock manure, sludge and garbage, filter mud from sugar mill, leaves, worse slag cake and straw sawdust and other organic waste can put in the organic compost turner to make organic compost. So if there is some organic waste around you, collect it and throw is into compost making machine to make compost.

Compost pellets polishing machine
Compost pellets polishing machine


Granular comost fertilizer polishing machine

  • Model:SEECPY-800
  • Production(t/h): 1-2
  • Matching power(kw): 5.5×2
  • Disc diameter(mm): 800
  • Shape size(mm): 2800×920×1290

How to make your own compost?

If you don’t have a big poultry farm, only have a few livestock. You also can make an easy compost system. For example, you can make a compost bin at home. This poultry manure composting process has the character of easy operation. You just need prepare a bin as the compost bin, and put the poultry dung (cow dung, pig dung, sheep poop and other poop) and leaves (straw, hay, egg shell) inside. And you need to wait about five months, then you can get the organic compost fertilizer.

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