Chicken poop compost turner is the important part of the chicken manure compost equipment. Without this kind of machine, maybe you will not get the good organic chicken manure compost what you want. Perhaps you can say you do not need our poultry manure composting equipment, because you want to let the chicken dung experience natural fermentation. Of course, you can use this way to let your chicken poop fermentation. But natural fermentation will sdpend too much time and manpower. Furthermore, natural fermentation will give off a terrible smell for a long time. That will pollute the environment. So it is better to ferment chicken manure by mechanical fermentation.

Chicken Poop Compost Tank
Chicken Poop Compost Tank

How to make chicken manure compost

Chicken manure can be used as organic fertilizer to the cropland and provide nutrient to the crops. And the problem is how to compost chicken manure quickly. As mentioned above, chicken manure compost machine can accelerate the process of chicken manure fermentation.

If you want to chicken manure available, you have to convert it into organic fertilizer. What is the best way to compost chicken manure? SEEC heavy industry technology has the good quality compost turner what you want- chicken manure compost turner. Next we will tell you some of the compost turners. And let you know the detail of chicken poop compost turning machine.

poultry manure composting equipment
poultry manure composting equipment

Poultry manure composting equipment for sale

  • Model: SEECLDF-2600(can be customized)
  • Durning width(mm): 2600
  • Durning height(mm): 1100-1300
  • Row spacing(mm): 800-1000
  • Working speed(m/min): 6-10
  • Capacity (m³/h): 1000-1200

What is the moving type compost turner and crawler type compost turner?

SEEC moving type compost turner for sale

Moving type compost turner is the kind of the fermentation compost equipment. The machine adopts the design of four-wheel walking, which can be forward, backward and turn. In the process of driving, the whole vehicle is mounted on the long strip of fertilizer base piled up first, and the rotating knife shaft mounted under the frame is used to mix, puffiness and shift the fertilizer base raw materials. After passing by, the chicken manure becomes a new strip pile. It can work in the open space, and also can work in the workshop greenhouse. So the moving type compost turner has a wide range of applications. According to the principle of oxygen consumption fermentation to design, thus the fermentation bacteria have enough space to function.

Movable Type compost production machine
Movable Type compost production machine

SEEC crawler type compost turner for sale

The crawler type compost turner belongs to the ground pile fermentation mode, which is the most economical mode of saving soil and human resources at present, the material needs to be piled up into a stack, then the material is stirred and crushed at regular intervals by the turning machine, and the decomposition of organic matter will be under aerobic conditions.

  • Tonda crawler type chicken poop compost turner has the following characteristics:
  • The operation is easier and the hydraulic directional type was eliminated; Save space , artificial, diesel, shorten the working time, advance the fermentation cycle.
  • This product has been turned over and separated by soft start.
  • Installed front hydraulic push plat, so it is no need to manually take the whole pile.
  • Cylinder hydraulic lifting.

Chicken poop crawler type composting machine
Chicken poop crawler type composting machine

Chicken poop crawlwr type composting machine

  • Model: SEECLDF-2300(can be customized)
  • Durning width(mm): 2300
  • Durning height(mm): 600-1100
  • Row spacing(mm): 800-1000
  • Working speed(m/min): 6-10
  • Capacity (m³/h): 500-700

The special method of making chicken poop compost

  • First if you want to start a chicken poop compost business, you should collect chicken dung from the chicken farm. But if you have a chicken farm, that is best. Whatever, you should have chicken poop for making chicken poop compost.
  • Second, you should use solid-liquid separator machine to dehydrate the moisture existed in the chicken poop.
  • Third, you should use chicken poop compost making machine for making chicken poop compost. Our chicken poop compost tuner will help you make high quality compost.
  • Fourth, maybe there are some block fertilizer after the process of fermenting, you should use new type vertical crusher turn block fertilizer into powder fertilizer.
  • Finally, you can use our fertilizer packing machine to pack the chicken poop compost.

With the good organic fertilizer, you can sell it to the farmers and gardeners. You can earn more money from it.

Croove Compost Turner for Bio Organic Fertilizer Production
Croove Compost Turner for Bio Organic Fertilizer Production

How long should chicken manure compost?

We all know use chicken poop compost turner will spend less time. But how long should chicken manure compost? If you want to make chicken poop organic fertilizer by our chicken manure compost turner only spend about fifteen days. But if you use the way of natural ferment will take seventy months.So the difference of natural fermentation and compost turner is obvious.

Can i put chicken manure in the compost?

Maybe someone will ask “can i put chicken manure in the compost?” Of course, you can!

As mentioned above, there are many nutrients in chicken manure. But do you know the importance of chicken poop compost? Poultry manure, properly handled, is the most valuable of all manures produced by livestock. It has historically been used as a soil amendment. We discovered that chicken manure fertilizer is the richest in nutrients of the poultry manures. Because of the high content of nutrients, that is“hot manure”. This means it will burn your plants if you just sprinkle it around. It works best to compost this manure before using raw manure material. Practised gardeners will tell you that you must use it when it is dry, not wet. Harvest the chicken poop yourself, or buy it from local farmers. If you raise the chicken anyway, then you might as well reap the benefits of the chicken poop.

chicken manure equipment for compost
chicken manure equipment for compost

How to convert chicken poop into money?

If you have a lot of chicken poop in your chicken farm or poultry farm. Inevitably, a large amount of chicken manure will appear. If you use this chicken dung well, finally you will get more profits. You can convert chicken manure into organic fertilizer or organic compost by our chicken compost making machine. Then can sell organic fertilizer to the farmers around you. We promise you can earn more money replace sell chicken poop directly. In addition, we also can make chicken manure for roses, vegetable or plants etc. The application site is very extensive.

The benefits of the chicken manure

Does chicken manure can make good compost? Maybe there are many people will ask this question. Next we will introduce you some nutriment of the chicken dung.

Chicken manure chemical composition:

Chicken manure can produce a variety of enzymes to inhibit multiple soil-borne diseases such as heavy stubble disease, root knot nematode disease, blight, bacterial wilt and blight.

The high efficiency and beneficial microbial flora contained in it can activate nitrogen in the air and decompose and release insoluble phosphorus and potassium nutrients continuously.

It also can improve soil physical properties, make soil soft and easy to cultivate, promote soil aggregate structure, increase soil porosity, and promote root group growth.

Chicken manure fertilizer pellets
Chicken manure fertilizer pellets

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