Horse manure pellet maker

With the advent of modern technology, living became fast-paced. People get to do scores of undertakings because of expedient machines. Nevertheless, technology can also signify an ominous revolution. It is the high time that people use these machines for organic matter. One particular example of this is the pellet machine. Numerous organic wastes can be used for organic fertilizer production because of a pellet machine. Are you feel distressed because of the terrible smell of horse manure? If you have a horse farm, there is no doubt that the terrible smell will be a big trouble. SEEC horse manure pellet maker will help you to solve this problem.

Pan granulator for horse manure fertilizer pellets
Pan granulator for horse manure fertilizer pellets

How to turn horse manure into fertilizer?

Do you want to know the method of converting horse manure into fertilizer? Here are the processes of making horse manure pellets fertilizer.

  • The first step you need to do is to dehydrate horse manure. Because too much water exists in the horse manure, you should use the solid-liquid separator machine to dehydrate horse manure.
  • The second step is to use organic fertilizer compost turner to help horse manure fermentation. If you apply raw horse manure to farmland directly, it will hurt the crops and cause some bad effect.
  • Because some manure will lump after fermentation, you need to use the hammer crusher to crush the horse manure. The purpose of this step is to help you easily make horse manure pellets.
  • Next you can go to the next step. That is to mix different organic material together. Such as straw, leaves, etc. You can achieve this purpose by using SEEC horizontal mixer.
  • Granulating. As the important part of the processes. The purpose of the step is to help you make horse manure pellets. If you use our horse manure pellet machine, it will greatly reduce your time to granulation. And the pellets made by horse machine pellet maker is more beautiful and easy to store.
  • In order to get good quality horse manure pellets, you also need to use rotary drum drying machine, rotary drum cooling machine, vibrating screen machine and single bucket automatic packing machine to help you.

Horse manure pellet mill
Horse manure pellet mill

Horse manure pellet mill for sale

  • Model: SEECJZ-1200 (can be customized)
  • Installation angel: 2°-2.5°
  • Capacity(t/h): 4-6
  • Total power(kw): 90
  • Moisture of feeding material: 20%-40%
  • Dimensions: 4900×2550×1800

The way of making your own pellet fertilizer from horse manure

We know many people who have a horse farm or a fertilizer plant. And they want to make their own pellet fertilizer from horse manure. Thus, we will tell you an easy way to make horse manure pellets fertilizer.

  • First, you can use straw, wood dust or some organic material to mix with horse manure.
  • Second, you should use compost making machine to promote fertilizer fermentation. Then you can get the fermented horse manure. This kind of fertilizer can be applied to the farmland directly. And you can sell it to the farmers who don’t want to spend too much money.
  • Third, the hammer crusher should be used to crush the fermented fertilizer.
  • Fourth, SEEC horse manure pellet mill can help you get granular fertilizer. Our horse manure pelletiser will help you get horse manure pellets fertilizer in a short time.
  • Finally, you should use rotary drum drying machine and rotary drum cooling machine to deal with the granular fertilizer. After these two processes, you can pack the fertilizer.

Semi-wet manure grinding machine
Semi-wet manure grinding machine

Semi-wet manure grinding machine for sale

  • Model: SEECSF-90(can be customized)
  • Power(kw): 37
  • Production capacity(t/h): 3-5
  • Crushing granularity(mesh): 50
  • Inlet size(mm): 550×410
  • Dimensions(mm): 1800×1550×1700

SEEC disc horse manure pellet maker for sale

Disc granulator

This horse manure disc granulator (also known as the ball plate) adopts the whole circular arc structure, and the granulating rate can reach more than 93%. It has three discharging ports, which is convenient for dis continuous production. Because of this character, it greatly reducing the labor intensity and improving the labor efficiency. In addition, the reducer and motor use flexible belt drive to start smoothly, slow down the impact force and improve the service life of the equipment. The horse manure plate bottom adopt plurality of radiant steel plate, which is durable and never deformed. It is an ideal equipment for organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, which is designed with thick, heavy and strong base, so it has no fixed anchor bolts and smooth operation. And SEEC has different sizes of horse manure pellet maker for your need.

Horse manure organic fertilizer production granulator
Horse manure organic fertilizer production granulator

Horse manure organic fertilizer production granulator for sale

  • Model: SEECYZ-3000(can be customized)
  • Edge height(mm): 450
  • Rotary speed(r/min): 14
  • Motor power(kw): 11
  • Capacity(t/h): 2-4
  • Dimensions: 3400×2400×3100

Why can horse manure be used as fertilizer?

Maybe some people want to know why horse manure can be used as fertilizer. So you need to know the composition of horse manure. To be honest, there are many beneficial elements existed in the horse manure. The water content, organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are 75.8%, 21.0%, 0.58%, 0.30% and 0.24% respectively. Horse manure is coarse in texture, loose and porous and with little water. It belongs to the fast decomposition of organic matter. And horse manure has high fermentation temperature. It is often called “hot fertilizer”. Horse manure is often used as a hot material to raise the temperature of seedbed and promote the growth and development of seedlings.

Because of these beneficial elements, we can know the horse manure is a good organic fertilizer for crops.

Horse manure fertilizer granulating machine
Horse manure fertilizer granulating machine

Horse manure fertilizer granulating machine for sale

  • Model: SEECZJZ-1060
  • Production capacity: 5-8 t/h
  • Shape size: 7250×1250×1670
  • Installation angel: 2°-2.5°
  • Total power: 7.5+18.5kw

What is horse manure used for?

If you start a horse manure business, you should know the application of horse manure.

As we all know, the horse manure can apply to the farmland and help crops grow. Because there are many good nutritional ingredients exist in the horse manure. These ingredients will make crops grow better. In addition, the horse dung belongs to the organic fertilizer, so it won’t hurt the soil as the chemical fertilizer.

The horse manure fertilizer made by horse manure pellet maker can apply to horticulture. If you are a gardener, there is no doubt that you want to make your flowers and plants become more beautiful. With the help of horse manure pellets fertilizer, the flowers and plants will grow better.

The horse manure pellet fertilizer can also can apply to orchards and vegetable gardens. The taste of vegetable and fruit will be more delicious by applying the horse manure fertilizer.

Rotary Screening Machine for screening unqualified pellets
Rotary Screening Machine for screening unqualified pellets

Rotary screening machine for screening unqualified pellets out

  • Model: SEECGS-1560
  • Power(kw): 5.5
  • Reducer: ZQ350
  • Drum speed: 16
  • Screening capacity(t/h): 6-10

Do you want to know the price of horse manure pellet maker?

If you want to buy a horse manure pelletiser for your horse ranch, there is no doubt that you want to know the price of horse manure pellet mill.

Generally speaking, different horse manure pellet mill has different price. At the same time, SEEC has manure making machine with different scales. We have small scale disc granulator with low price. And we also have the large-scale organic fertilizer granulator-rotary drum stirring granulator for your large-scale horse ranch. Although different horse manure pellet maker has the different price, the quality of pellet machine is the same. So, you don’t need to worry about the quality problem.

Horse manure fermentation tanks
Horse manure fermentation tanks

Horse manure fermentation tanks for sale

  • Model: SEECFJG-10
  • Heating power(kw): 4×6
  • Stirring power(kw): 11
  • Reducer model: BLED85-493-11
  • Stirring speed(r/min): 3
  • Overall size: 2400×2400×6900

Why choose SEEC as your own horse manure fertilizer manufacturer?

If you want to get high-quality fertilizer, you should find the good horse manure fertilizer manufacturer that can produce good horse manure pellet maker. With over 30 years’ production experience, we have professional team and experienced technicians to produce high-quality horse manure processing machinery. In addition, if you need help, our installer can come to your country to help you install the machine. We will try our best to solve your problem.

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