Are you going to discard sheep manure or turn it into organic fertilizer into the field?

Do you think sheep manure is a good fertilizer for crops? The sheep manure discussed here not just contains the urine and dung from sheep, but also the bedding, runoff, spilled feed, and anything else mixed with it. It is a way of decomposing sheep or goat manure waste to create a fine and rich humus material that is applied as a soil amendment and plant nutrient. Utilizing sheep manure properly – composting sheep manure fertilizer is an advantageous tool in nutrient management way because sheep manure compost can not only reduce the potential pollute, but also it’s good for crops.

So compared with throwing sheep dung away, it is good to convert it into sheep manure compost.

New Organic Compost Pellet Machine for Sale
New Organic Compost Pellet Machine for Sale

How to compost sheep manure and convert it into organic fertilizer?

If you want to convert sheep poop into sheep manure compost, you should deal with it through a complete process.

  • First you should collect sheep manure into a place and use SEEC solid-liquid separator machine to dehydrate the sheep manure. Because There is too much water in the manure.
  • Next is the crucial part of the process-fermentation. If you adopt the traditional fermentation methods, it will take you about 60 days. There is no doubt that it will spend you too much time. So, you can use SEEC wheel type compost making machine to ferment raw sheep manure. It will just spend you almost 20 days. This method can greatly shorten the fermentation time of sheep manure.
Groove type compost making machine for making sheep manure
Groove type compost making machine for making sheep manure

  • Then you should use new type vertical crusher to crush the raw material. After the process of fermentation, there maybe have a lot of block solid. you should crush them with a new type vertical crusher.
  • If you just want to get the powder organic fertilizer, the sheep manure compost has been finished. You don’t need to look the next step. But if you want to get higher-quality organic fertilizer, you had better process your materials as followings.
  • Granulating. Granulation is the process of making powder organic fertilizer into organic fertilizer pellets. This is also the important part of making organic sheep manure compost. Through the disc granulator you can get the beautiful organic fertilizer pellets. Because the organic fertilizer is granular, it will be easy to store and sale.

These steps should also be used

  • After these processes, you had better use rotary drum drying machine, rotary drum cooling machine, rotary screening machine and single bucket automatic packing scale to finish the next processes. The rotary drum drying machine is to reduce the moisture existed in the organic fertilizer pellets. Rotary drum cooling machine is to reduce the temperature of the sheep manure fertilizer pellets. The purpose of the rotary screening machine is to screen out the unqualified pellets and let them granulation again. The single bucket automatic packing scale is to help you pack materials.

SEEC organic fertilizer compost turner is selling for your compost making.

Wheel type compost making machine

Wheel type organic fertilizer compost turner is the patent product of our company. It is suitable for the fermentation with large span and high depth of livestock manure, sludge and garbage, filter mud from sugar mill, worse slag cake and other organic waste. The machine is also widely used in organic fertilizer plant, compound fertilizer plant, sludge and garbage plant, horticultural farm.

Compared with the other sheep manure compost turners. it has the advantages of high turning depth, large turning span, low energy consumption, high degree of automation.

So if you want to make large scale goat manure compost, SEEC wheel type compost turner will be your best choice.

Sheep manure compost turner
Sheep manure compost turner

Why do you compost sheep manure?

If sheep manure apply to crops directly without treatment, it will cause great harm and hidden danger. Because if sheep manure apply to soil directly, it will ferment under appropriate conditions and generate a lot of heat, which will burn the root of crops. At the same time, sheep manure itself also contains a large number of bacteria, will also bring diseases to crops hidden dangers. Therefore, the sheep manure must be composted for killing the harmful bacteria before you fertilize the fresh sheep manure into crops directly. And if you add moderate water before you ferment the sheep manure, and add 5% calcium superphosphate, the sheep poop fertilizer will be better.

Sheep manure compost turner
Sheep manure compost turner

What’s the goat manure composition?

Organic matter content of sheep dung is from 20% to 27%, and nitrogen (N) 0.7% to 0.8%, phosphorus(P) 0.45% to 0.6%, potassium (K) 0.4% to 0.5%. Sheep manure contains more organic matter than other livestock manure. The calorific value of sheep manure is between horse manure and cow manure, and the speed of fermentation is fast. Therefore, the sheep manure and horse manure are all thermal fertilizer.

As mentioned above, we know there are a lot of nutrients existed in the sheep poop. You should make good use of it.

For becoming a sheep manure pellet maker, what things should you know?

If you want to be a good sheep manure pellet maker, you must have a sheep manure pellet making machine. In SEEC, we have various pellet making machines to meet your demands. For example, if you have a small sheep farm or small scale fertilizer plant. We have small scale sheep manure granulator to help you. We have small scale fertilizer granulator-disc granulator. This kind of sheep manure fertilizer granulator has the character of easy to operate. You will get the sheep manure compost pellets in a short time. Thus, if you are looking for small sheep manure pellet machine for making sheep manure granular fertilizer. SEEC fertilizer machinery can help you.

Sheep manure composting systems
Sheep manure composting systems

Where can you find the raw sheep manure?

  • It is best to seek out a local source of sheep manure if you want to make sheep manure compost. Oftentimes, farmers will sell the manure to you for a reasonable price. Some farmers will even allow you to come and collect your own manure. Because the sheep dung has a terrible smell, farmer will happy to allow you to collect them. So it is a venture well worth the time.
  • You can also find the sheep poop online. The internet is powerful nowadays, you can find any information by searching the keywords.
  • But if you have a sheep farm will be better. You won’t spend time and money to find the sheep poop. And you can earn extra money by this way.

Is it safe to apply sheep manure to vegetable or fruit fields?

Applying sheep compost to farmland, many people may ask, “Is composted sheep manure safe for vegetables?” The answer is an astounding, yes! It is perfectly safe for both vegetables, fruit and flower gardens alike and will make your plants blooming more beautiful than before. Using sheep manure as fertilizer is safe and effective for all garden and landscape plants.

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