Compound fertilizer production line

According some authoritative data, we know that farmers’ demand for compound fertilizer is increasing. So if you are thinking about what kind of business you should carry out. Starting a compound fertilizer production line is a good choice. Before that, you should know some information about compound fertilizer.

Compound fertilizer is a kind of chemical fertilizer containing two or more kinds of nutrient elements. And compound fertilizer has the advantages of high nutrient content, few side components and good physical properties. In addition, it plays a very important role in balancing fertilization, improving fertilizer utilization rate and promoting high and stable yield of crops.

compound fertilizer production line equipped with double roller granulator
compound fertilizer production line equipped with double roller granulator

The main machines for compound fertilizer production

As motioned above, for making compound fertilizer, we have to experience several steps. And every step we should use the specific machine to finish. During compound fertilizer production line, there are the main machines for making compound fertilizer.

Cage crusher

SEEC cage crusher belongs to medium-sized horizontal cage bar crusher. Our cage crusher has reasonable design. So with the help of cage crusher, you can get the compound fertilizer powder in a short time. It is the ideal tool for compound fertilizer crushing.

Cage crusher in compound fertilizer production line
Cage crusher in compound fertilizer production line


Compound fertilizer cage crusher for sale

  • Model: SEECLSF-600
  • Inlet size(MM): 380×320
  • Power(kw): 11×2
  • Production capacity(t/h): 4-6
  • Dimensions(mm): 1500×1500×1500

Rotary drum granulator

Rotary drum manure pellet machine is the important machine to make compound fertilizer pellets. SEEC rotary drum granulator can make beautiful compound fertilizer granules by using wet type granulation. In addition, our rotary drum granulator is suitable for mass production of cold, hot granulation and high and low concentration compound fertilizer.

compound fertilizer pellet machine
compound fertilizer pellet machine


Compound fertilizer pellet machine for sale

  • Model:SEECZGZ-1560 (can be customized)
  • Power(kw): 11
  • Diameter(mm): 1500
  • Length(mm): 6000
  • Installation angel: 2°-5°
  • Capacity(t/h): 3-5

Single bucket automatic packing scale

SEEC single bucket automatic packing machine is the machine for packing fertilizer. The single bucket automatic packing scale is designed for quantitative packing. But if the packaging is carried out by people, the weight will not be uniform.

Single bucket manure packing machine
Single bucket manure packing machine

Single bucket manure packing machine for sale

  • Model: SEEC-50
  • Weighing range(kg): 25-50
  • Packaging accuracy: per time≤o.2%; Average≤0.1%
  • Packaging rate: single weighting: 300-400
  • Microscopic index value(kg): 0.01
  • Temperature: -10-40°C

What is the compound fertilizer production process?

First, the compound fertilizer powder should put into the static batching machine. In this way, you will get the compound fertilizer powder that has the right proportions.

Next the raw materials should be putted into double shafts horizontal mixer in strict accordance with the technical requirements of each raw material quantity. Then the belt conveyor sends the materials to cage crusher.

With the help of cage crusher, the lump materials will be crushed into powder. Fineness will meet the requirements of granulation. Then the belt conveyor can send the materials to rotary drum granulator.

During granulating, there is a water pump to offer gas and make fertilizer particles forming easily. The solid fertilizer powder after granulating will rise by the rotation of the cylinder and scroll down under the effect of gravity. After several times repetition of the same rotation, fertilizer materials gradually form. Next the belt conveyor sends the materials to rotary drum drying machine and rotary drum cooling machine.

There are also draught fans to supply hot air and cold air to rotary drum drying machine and rotary drum cooling machine respectively. After drying and cooling we can enter the screening process.

If you want your compound fertilizer more beautiful, you can use our rotary coating machine. The coating machine can beautify the materials.

In the process of screening, the qualified materials can be sent to single bucket automatic packing machine after screening, while others are conveyed back to crusher or granulator to be re-processed. Because these compound fertilizer pellets are too big or too small.

Double roller extrusion pelletizer in compound fertilizer production line
Double roller extrusion pelletizer in compound fertilizer production line

Double roller extrusion pelletizer for sale

  • Model: SEECWJ-1T(can be customized)
  • Power(kw): Granule diameter≤4.5m: 11
  • Granule diameter>4.5m: 15
  • Granule diameter(mm): 3-10
  • Roller sheet size(mm): 150×220
  • Dimensions(mm): 1450×800×1450

Can a disc granulator be used to make compound fertilizer?

Compound fertilizer disc pelletizer is the special machine in the fertilizer granulation plant. No matter in organic fertilizer production line or in compound fertilizer production line, you can use disc pellets making machine for granulation. With the help of SEEC disc granulator, the granulating rate can reach to more than 93%. And the compound fertilizer pellets are beautiful by using disc granulator. And if you also want to establish an organic fertilizer production plant, this disc pelletizer can also play a role. In addition, SEEC pan granulator has three discharging ports, which is convenient for discontinuous production, greatly reducing the labor intensity and improving labor efficiency. Thus, it’s a good choice to have a disk pelletizer for your compound fertilizer production line.

fertilzier pellet machine
fertilzier pellet machine

Plate type granulator for compound fertilizer making

  • Model: SEECYZ-3600(can be customized)
  • Edge height(mm): 450
  • Rotary speed(r/min): 13
  • Motor power(kw): 18.5
  • Capacity(t/h): 4-6
  • Dimensions: 4100×2900×3800

How do I prevent the caking of compound fertilizer?

Caking is a common problem in compound fertilizer production line. Many compound fertilizer manufacturers have this problem. To prevent this kind of problem, the following measures should be taken:

  1. Reasonably match the raw materials. You should mix strictly in proportion.
  2. Strictly control the moisture content of finished products to reduce water evaporation.
  3. In addition, you should also strictly control raw material particle size to improve screening effect;
  4. Using rotary drum cooling machine to lower the packaging temperature below 40 degrees.

If you don’t want to get the caked compound fertilizer, you should read these carefully.

Pan Type Compost Pellet Machine
Pan Type Compost Pellet Machine

Compound fertilizer disc granulator for sale

  • Model: SEECYZ-2800(can be customized)
  • Edge height(mm): 450
  • Rotary speed(r/min): 14
  • Motor power(kw): 11
  • Capacity(t/h): 2-3
  • Dimensions: 3200×2200×3000

The preparatory work for a new compound fertilizer production line

To start a compound fertilizer production line at your fertilizer production plant, you must know what preparatory works are required.

First, you should know how many fertilizer plants are around you and what kind of fertilizer they produce. You can ask your friends and relatives for knowing the information. In this way, you can get the details clearer and easier.

Second, there is no doubt that the machines for compound fertilizer production are important. So, choosing fertilizer making machine is very necessary. Without high quality fertilizer making machine, it is difficult for you to get good fertilizer. So, you have to find the machine carefully. SEEC provide various compound fertilizer making machine for you. We not only can provide fertilizer granulator for your fertilizer production line, but also can provide customized service. If you have any special requirements for the machine, feel free to contact us. We will try our best to solve your problem.

In addition, choosing the right venue is also very important. You cannot ignore this problem either.

Compound Fertilizer Production Line
Compound Fertilizer Production Line

What chemical compounds can be found in chemical fertilizer?

Chemical fertilizer has another name, that is inorganic fertilizer. Chemical fertilizers are fertilizers made by chemical or physical methods that contain one or more nutrients needed for the growth of crops. With the help of SEEC fertilizer making machine, you can get the chemical fertilizer what you want. And we can mix different chemical fertilizer together, that is compound fertilizer. At the same time, the production process of fertilizer is similar to compound fertilizer. In addition, chemical fertilizer includes nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, micro fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc. Maybe you can find nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, sodium, manganese, sulfur, boron, copper, iron, molybdenum, zinc in chemical fertilizer.

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